What’s new?

If you’re wondering what changed recently, I’m going to compile a small list below so you can be up-to-date.


  • A completely new map was added.
  • Temporarly removed Parkour because of the lag issues.
  • Added Kit PvP portal, which is in the works.


  • Added jump blocks that makes it fun and faster to get out of the spawn.
  • Added protection against fake enchantments.
  • Removed Blood particle effects.
  • Edited the /help menu.
  • Added kill streaks up to 35 kills with effect boost rewards.
  • Voting will now give you a 10 minute SPEED 2 effect.


  • Creative mode is back to everyone, fly is reserved for ranks only (shop.cuboss.net)
  • Added particles which can be bought with in-game money.
  • Launched a bigger plot world, you can teleport there by doing /warp bigplots
  • Added Per-World-Chat, that means that people in bigplots won’t be able to see chat from normal plots and vise versa.
  • Voting will now give you an extra SPEED 3 effect for one hour.


As you may know we also launched another server completely separated from Cuboss, called MineMeet, it’s a plot world with creative mode focused on friendship and roleplay.

You can find more information about it at www.minemeet.com or connect to the server at pe.minemeet.com port 5000