It’s finally time to say good-bye to the old SKYBLOCK!

This Skyblock season we’re introduced block based Island value for Top Island!
Blocks like Diamond Block, Emerald Block, Gold Block etc will count towards your Island Value.

You can check your rank with /is rank and you can also see the Top 5 most valuable Islands on the server with /is top!

Make sure to check **/is settings** to turn on or off all your Island Protections.

To acquire Custom Enchanted gear you will have to run for AirDrops which happen every xx:30 on the clock. The AirDrops will give you unique pieces of gear every time this includes random custom enchants, items and food, same as it was in Primo a few years ago.

**Epic Cubox** now features TWO new spawners, Pig Zombie and Iron Golem, make sure to check them out! You can also get packs of OP tools and a pack of valuable blocks but that’s not all… You can get a note that rewards a 48H Boss rank to the person that redeems it! >> **shop.cuboss.net**

**Voters** will still be able to fly and sell all! The command to fly is now /is fly! Sell all includes a lot more blocks now!

At the store we changed the price and amount of Epic Keys, sorry, it just makes sense, as much as I like you to keep shopping for tons of keys it doesn’t benefit the server economy very much if it’s spammed! I’ve done a market research and this seems to be the optimal in other hand you also get way less trash (or none at all) per key! All good!

The old server will remain active for the next few hours, there will be an NPC at the new server spawn where you can connect back.