PRIMO Factions BIG Update!

Last few days have been tiring as hell, so I hope you like the new additions. Here’s whats new on PRIMO Factions:

  • Added functions from the OLD Enchants and the messages that came with them when you hit someone, I’m not sure if you’re going to feel the difference, the new enchants and old enchants are very similar even in terms of durations.
  • Disabled a bunch of new enchants, including grappling.
  • Duping with enchant books is no longer possible .|.
  • Added Bounty system back. If you die with a bounty you also lose 10% of the bounty value of your own money.
  • Added Auction House, this isn’t great because it’s text based, but it’s good to have I guess, give me your feedback.
  • Obviously you know about this one already, added KOTH, it runs every 30 minutes on the clock and rewards you $25,000 and 3 Epic Coins, this will be tweaked more later.

The next days I’ll be adding Ender Pearls with cooldown, Potions to kits and shop, a Duel plugin with arena among other things, stay tuned!