NEW: Enchanter NPC

Enchanter NPC (First release will be in Gaia Factions)
+ 3 categories
– Common ($50,000)
– Rare ($100,000)
– Epic ($250,000)
+ Press the category you want and receive a random custom enchanted book
+ Max CE level is set to 3
+ There’s a slight lower chance of getting a higher level CE

“glowing”, “gears”, “blaze”, “meditation”, “lumberjack”, “quickening”, “telepathy”, “implants”, “focused”, “focused”, “focused”, “focused”, “headhunter”, “backstab”, “tank”, “obsidianshield”

“enlighted”, “armored”, “heavy”, “blessed”, “driller”, “berserker”, “aerial”, “endershift”, “hardened”, “volley”, “poison”, “energizing”, “charge”, “parachute”

“soulbound”, “lifesteal”, “wither”, “overload”, “revive”, “frozen”, “lightning”, “autorepair”, “deathbringer”, “enraged”, “vacuum”, “vampire”, “cripple”, “cursed”

What’s next?

– Book applying chance:
In the future dragging a book to an item will have a chance of failing and/or breaking the item.
This can be changed when used in combination with a 1 time use special item that changes your success rate to 100%

– Tinkerer:
Exchange enchanted items or enchanted books for something else.

– Careful when dragging an enchanted book that is lower than your current enchant, it will downgrade your current enchant.