Hey, just a quick update

Hey there, it’s been a while, sorry for the lack of communication, let me explain.

As most of you know Cuboss is my fulltime job and that’s fine I make enough to live comfortably but when Mojang pushes a new update we all struggle and the server income decreases… because of this I had to go do other stuff to be able to pay the bills and couldn’t focus entirely on Cuboss.

All servers are maintained by their owners/community, Mojang does not support servers, not only that but the main person in the community that used to update the servers software for the last couple years is not doing it anymore, so now the community is just branching together to try and produce a stable update.

I’m hoping to reset Factions this weekend, I will not make any promises so that way I don’t fail to deliver them or delay the reset even longer.
The “lag” should get better, I’ve been working on the server software in the background to try to diminish the annoyances this update brought, my main focus is getting rid of the lag, crashes and improve overall performance.

That’s it, this was just a quick FYI so you know that I’m still here, I’ll be picking someone to become staff since we don’t have a lot of that going on and will also have another staff competition sometime next week.


**Black Friday** sale is now active, **80%** off ranks, **70%** off keys and a **60%** off everything else, this sale will run for a few days, it may decrease on Tuesday. (was tired of looking at that halloween sale, plz) – *Yes, if you purchase keys now they will be available when Factions reset.*