Gaia Season 3

Gaia Season 3

This season we’re introducing Item Value based Top Factions, you’ll have to fight for AirDrops or create the best money making systems to buy valuable blocks in order for your Faction to win the Top Prizes.

AirDrops will spawn at the North Side every 30 minutes, keep an eye on your clock!

The FACTION VALUE will update at RANDOM INTERVALS, this is ON PURPOSE to avoid CHEATING, so if you’re placing valuables and it’s not showing up, it’s normal, wait for it to update!

** F-TOP Prizes: **
#1: *$80*
#2: *$40*
#3: *$10*

* Prize values are in Cuboss shop credit
* This season will end August 8th 2019

There’s no special rule that I can think of other than don’t cheat, be nice to each other… the admin won’t save you this season, value base is here for that, to avoid human moderation, you’re responsible for your base values now and you do with it what you so much please.