Gaia Factions Season 4 RELEASE TODAY (AUGUST 18TH)

So what is new in Gaia Season 4?

  • As you know we added back our anticheat and been improving it’s capabilities on a daily basis.
  • The map size is increased to 30k x 30k
  • Faction claim plots increased to 50
  • The sides around spawn were flattened so people don’t climb on it
  • Shop prices were totally revamped
  • Added CE Obliteration, Featherweight and enchant FeatherFalling
  • Bumped the unbreaking in some kits
  • Bumped vote money rewards
  • Airdrops will now have random vanilla enchanted gear as well!
  • Updated our operating systems and software running the server to the latest stable version
  • Added King of The Hill event
  • Added Boss event
  • Added PvP mine with value blocks that opens at specific times // Not available yet
  • If you’re pvp tagged you no longer can enter spawn and if you try you get knock backed to the moon, also added invisible bedrock on every side.
  • Items now have a limit of enchants they can hold, by default you will be able to place 6 enchantments in your item, after the first week I’ll reveal more about unlocking extra slots.
  • Enchanter seems fixed and is no longer crashing.
  • The best way to get value to your Faction right now is KoTH and Boss events.
    • After you control the KoTH area you get $15,000 and gain permanently (until someone steals your KoTH!) 1 value every 2 minutes automatically, you need to have at least 1 member online.
  • New title will be added to the store in a starter bundle – “whenReset?”


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