Freedom Server Update

Freedom has been reset, we added a new map and new game features.

Here is some of the features that are already included in this update.

  • Claim Block:
    *Vote to get a claim block, place it down to claim a piece of land where you can build your base on, it will protect on a 25 block radius!
  • Battle kit (2 hours) and Build Kit (6 hours) – You need a rank to claim those (Any paid rank)
  • Very rare exploding arrows that will break protected land (SOON)
  • Valuable Loot that spawns in chests inside the protected structures around the map (SOON)
  • Random spawns across the map so you don’t get spawn camped
  • Invincibility buff on spawn for 20 seconds, goes away if player hits someone (SOON)
  • Server will WIPE every Friday from now on.

Join Freedom on port 10000