Factions 1.2 UPDATE

Factions has been updated and reset, this server is called PRIMO and can be joined on port 19134!
You can buy custom enchants with ingame money near spawn, the list below describes what each enchant does.
There are 3 kits for ranks, Godlike+, Boss+ and Battle, some of them include custom enchants!



  • Aerial: Increases damage in air
  • Blind: Gives enemies blindness
  • Charge: Increases damage when sprinting
  • Cripple: Gives enemies nausea and slowness
  • Deathbringer: Increases damage
  • Disarming: Disarms enemy
  • Gooey: Flings enemy into the air
  • Hallucination: 5l% (l = level) chance of trapping enemies in a fake prison
  • Lifesteal: Heals when damaging enemies
  • Poison: Poisons enemies
  • Vampire: Heals by part of damage dealt
  • Wither: Gives enemies wither


  • Explosive: Cause an explosion when block is broken
  • Smelting: Automatically smelts drops when broken
  • Energizing: Gives haste when block is broken
  • Quickening: Gives speed when block is broken
  • Telepathy: Automatically puts drops in inventory.


  • Lumberjack: Mines all logs connected to log when broken


  • Blaze: Shoots fireballs
  • Bounty Hunter: Collect bounties (items) when hitting enemies.
  • Grappling: Pulls you to location of arrow. If enemy is hit, the enemy will be pulled to you.
  • Headhunter: Increases damage if enemy is shot in the head
  • Healing: Heals target when shot
  • Molotov: Starts fire around target
  • Paralyze: Gives slowness, blindness, and weakness
  • Piercing: Ignores armor when dealing damage
  • Porkified:
    Level 1: Shoots pigs. Damage: 1.5
    Level 2: Shoots pigs that drop raw pork. Damage: 2
    Level 3: Shoots pigs that drop cooked pork. Damage: 3
  • Shuffle: Switches position with target
  • Volley: Shoot multiple arrows in a cone
  • Missile: Spawns tnt on hit


  • Berserker: Gives strength on low health
  • Cloaking: Becomes invisible when hit
  • Cursed: Gives wither to enemy when hit
  • Drunk: Gives slowness, mining fatigue, and nausea to enemy when hit
  • Endershift: Gives speed and extra health when low on health
  • Enlighted: Gives regeneration when hit
  • Frozen: Gives slowness to enemy when hit
  • Grow: Increases size on sneak (Must be wearing full set of Grow armor)
  • Hardened: Gives weakness to enemy when hit
  • Molten: Sets enemy on fire when hit
  • Obsidian Shield: Gives fire resistance while worn
  • Poisoned: Poisons enemy when hit
  • Revive: Will revive you when you die. (will remove enchantment)
  • Revulsion: Gives nausea to enemy when hit
  • Selfdestruct: Spawn TNT when you die.
  • Shrink: Decreases size on sneak (Must be wearing full set of Shrink armor)
  • Cactus: Poke people around you


  • Glowing: Gives night vision


  • Gears: Gives speed
  • Springs: Gives jump boost
  • Stomp: Deal part of fall damage to enemy when taking fall damage
  • Jetpack: Enable flying (you fly where you look) when you sneak.


  • Autorepair: Automatically repairs items when moving


  • Soulbound: Keeps item after death (will remove enchantment)


  • Radar: Points to nearest player in a 50l (l = level) range