Cuboss Gaia Factions S1

We just released GAIA FACTIONS, check out what it is about below.



+ The world is 80,000 x 80,000
+ AIRDROPS spawn every hour at the NORTH SIDE of spawn
+ Spawners at the shop
+ Enchantment Tables
+ Private Vaults in GAIA are limited to 1
+ Homes in GAIA are limited to 2
+ Silk Touch Pickaxe only from Epic Keys
+ Obsidian Tools in Epic Keys
+ Divine Gear and Sword in Epic Keys
+ Exclusive new Title only in GAIA from Epic Keys – “gAiEr”

The top factions (MONEY & STR) at the end of the season will receive the following prizes:
+ $100 in Cuboss Store credit
+ Exclusive [FTOP] Title
+ Faction name will be displayed at spawn for the duration of next season

~ Join now through the HUB or directly on at 19139

This season will end March 20th 2019, may the best Faction win.