Accident, please read

There was an accidental data loss, your ranks and permissions were deleted, Please DON’T PANIC, keep reading.

If you purchased or upgraded your rank after October 2018, you should be fine and receive your stuff automatically when you join the server, if not then I’ll set it manually.

It will be sent in waves, first VIP, then VIP+ and so on, so wait your turn, this is to make sure your higher rank doesn’t get overlapped by a previous purchase of a smaller rank from you.

If you have anything missing the best way to reach me to set it back manually is by e-mail or my Discord DM.

Do not create a fuss when you log-in. Try to help other players, it’s already hard as it is, any attempt on generating more panic and hysteria will be severely punished.

The sale at was increased to 60% off

As as prevention measure I’ll start making more daily automated backups so it doesn’t happen in the future.