Introducing Merchandise

As most of you know, we’re celebrating 1 YEAR of Cuboss in January 14th, so we decided to make some cool stuff to commemorate.

We opened a merchandise store where you can buy t-shirts or phone cases about your favorite server like the example below!

You can also win this t-shirt on twitter @playcuboss in our giveaway!

MCPE 1.0 Update

As you may know Minecraft Pocket Edition updates tend to be tedious to the server because we have to update all the server software by ourselves to catch up with Mojang changes.

We have updated the HUB, Creative and Freedom servers, you may now join them with the newest version but have in mind that there might be bugs and we’re working around the clock to patch them all.


Cuboss wishes you a Merry Christmas!

PS: Don’t forget there is a 40% OFF sale going on in our online shop! >

Private Vaults in Factions

We added private vaults to the Factions server, Boss+ gets 1 private vault by default.

Anyone else who needs private vaults or wants to unlock more, please go to

New stuff in factions

We added Bounties and the kits Godlike, Godlike+ to the Factions server.

Do /bounty [name] [amount] to place a bounty, the minimum amount is $15000.


Make sure to check the new kits at in the KITS section.


We’ll be having a promotion for Christmas, so stay tuned!

Top voter winner

terrificten is the Winner for top voter of the month of October! Congratulations you won Boss rank!

How to get free ranks on Cuboss

We are testing a new way for you to claim free ranks and rewards!


Choose “CUBOSS REWARDS” from the menu on top and Earn Points by Downloading and Running apps or by Completing surveys, You can then use these points to claim rewards on the rewards tab, be sure to Register and Login to your own user account so that your points are stored correctly! You may login on separate devices to claim more points on them!

Updating to 0.16

We are gradually upgrading the servers to 0.16, it’s probably still riddled with bugs but at least you’ll be able to join.