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Freedom Update

Freedom has been reverted back to what it originally was, a Vanilla Survival world.

The world is a custom 4500×4500, enchanting tables and exp are working, we have a couple mob spawners in the pvp drop zone where you can farm resources and exp.

Voting will give you a set of leather, a stone sword, potion ingredients and a voting pickaxe.

You can join Freedom through our hub at port 19132

Primo Update

Primo has been reset and has a new world.
All the epic coins, enchants and money purchases from the last 3 months will be credited again to you in-game, make sure you login to Primo first to get it there.
We’re also working on a tier loot plugin where you get loot by doing various activities in the server.
Added tier 1 and 2 custom enchants to Vote Cuboxes and boosted vote coin rewards to 4 coins.

Top Voters March

Top voter of the month is epicdirtYT (Boss) and Vincent1806 (VIP+).

Good luck and keep voting!

Nova Factions

Nova Factions was launched, it’s slightly less OP than primo and no Custom Enchants. Please report if I forgot anything or there’s bugs.

You can join it through our HUB at 19132

Top voters Feb. 2018

The top voters of the month are:

Zeltex196 won Boss rank
ItzYoGirlAmy156 won VIP+ rank

Cuboss Prison

We’re glad to announce that we just opened a Prison server!

Join at 19188

Changes to Epic Cuboxes

  • You no longer get full sets of gear but instead pieces of the gear.
  • The titles Ez, Pay2Win and HotnSpicy were removed from Cuboxes and added to the store making them more rare.
  • New titles in Epic Cuboxes are Blame#isoz, Bruh and 1337
  • New Legendary Pickaxe with CE (energizing, driller, haste and smelting)
  • Money drops were boosted up to 250K

To buy epic cubox coins go to