Author: isoz

0.14 Update

Update your game to be able to join again. 🙂

Factions server

Please add PE.CUBOSS.NET on port 19134 to your list if you want to connect to the Factions server.

Nothing changed, everything will still be there, it was just moved.


Make sure to change the port from 19132 to 19134

19132 = HUB

19133  = CREATIVE

19134  = FACTIONS



Creative World

Creative has been made into a different server to balance the lag better.

If you login to our server you will see the correct port to connect to – 19133

Make sure to change the port from 19132 to 19133


19132 = HUB

19133  = CREATIVE

Per world chat

Per world chat was added again to make chat less spammy, so make sure you’re in the right world if you’re trying to talk with a friend in global chat.

Hunger Games v0.1

We added hunger games, right now we’re just testing it so report any bugs you may find or suggestions.

We will add rewards for winning soon.

Server is ON

Server is online and should be playable, I’m sorry for the downtime…

Factions rolled back 2 days.

We’ve been experiencing problems

We have been experiencing problems today, we believe it’s due to yesterday’s game update 0.13.2, we are looking into fixing everything.

Meanwhile if you can please go vote for us, follow the menu on top!

Server updated

We managed a quick fix to allow new clients in, please update your game.

Game updated to version 0.13.2

You might be unable to join the server for now as we’re waiting on a stable version to update to, meanwhile if you want to join just don’t update.

Voting contest winner January 2016

The winner for the voting contest of the month January 2016 is ELOMONKEY! Congratulations!

He won [Boss+] rank from our SHOP!

Keep voting every day to win next month.