Author: isoz

Top voter month of March 2016

Koningspacecake is the top voter with 57 votes! Congratulations!

He won the rank Boss+.

Next month’s top voter will win the rank Boss, we’ll no longer be giving away Boss+.

Flame wings

Wings have been added to the server, for now we only have flaming wings to see how it goes but we’ll add more variations soon.

Only Boss+ ranks have access to them. Do /wings to enable or disable the wings!

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Creative Server growth

The creative server has been growing explosively the last few days topping up to 200 players online.

To help make it less laggy we’re gonna open another creative server to balance things a bit and we’re gonna remove the creative mode completely, adding a store and caffee where you can buy your blocks.

We’re thinking of adding something like a prison server where you can make your money to buy the blocks.

Particle wings this week

Particle wings should be coming this week, only available to Boss+ ranks!

Here is an example of what flaming wings will look like!

Feb. 2016 Voting Winner


is the winner for the voting contest of February 2016 with 50 VOTES and he won the Boss+ rank!

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20% OFF Coupon

Celebrating our success, going for our second month we are giving you a 20% OFF COUPON to use in SHOP.CUBOSS.NET
Use coupon “boss20” without quotes on checkout to apply the discount!

This coupon may be used 15 times and it expires after that so hurry up!

Contact form

I apologize for not answering any emails the past few days it was because our contact form was having problems.
Everything should be alright now and you can use it to reach out to us.

Chat size

Hey if you are not aware, update 0.14 added an option called GUI scale to the options, look for it, it will make the chat smaller if you think it is too big right now.


Kits were added to the server (again). Please check the Factions server port 19134 to the left of spawn.

Boss+ has full enchanted diamond armor!

0.14 Update

Update your game to be able to join again. 🙂