Author: isoz

Summer Promotion

The summer is around the corner, so we decided to give back to the community by giving you a 25% OFF code to every Cuboss order this June!

Use the code “summer25” to get 25% OFF your cart at

Vote contest winner

The top voter of the month is …

Congratulations, he won the rank Boss!

Factions World

We are going to reset the Factions world on Saturday 28th.
Your stuff stored in the nether chests and your inventories will be saved, only the map will reset.

This is to improve the server performance because the map has gotten too big.

Recent news

We have added Pets to the server.
– All normal people have access to a chicken
– Boss and Boss+ have access to ALL pets
– VIP+ has dog, pig, rabbit and chicken
– VIP chicken, pig and rabbit

There is plans to bring Creative mode back in the creative server but normal people will have limited blocks in their creative inventory, more to come soon.

Creative Server

What can you expect?

– Removal of creative mode. If you want to have creative mode please buy Boss or Boss+ rank from
– Change to vote rewards. Now you will receive $5000 and a basic building kit.
– Adding Creative Shop to the creative server, there you can buy blocks with game money to build in your plots.
– Addition of a new Creative Server. This server will feature bigger and more exclusive plots.

This changes only apply to the creative server.
Please use the contact form in this website if you find any problems or need any help.

Discord server

I have created a Discord server that anyone can use if you want to voice chat with other players or your friends from the server instead of using skype or other methods, Discord is very simple to use and lightweight.

Download Discord from your app marketplace.
Click this link to join the server –

In the future if it picks up, I might add specific rank channels for more privacy, for example only those with Boss+ permission can access a specific channel.


May 8 Maintenace

Server was offline for some minutes to do a routine maintenance, everything should be back to normal.


Update should be done, report any bugs you may find.


We still haven’t received an update for the 0.14.2 version, a lot of internal stuff changed so I recommend you not update yet.