TOP Voting Contest Feb. 2017

The winner for top voter of Feb. 2017 is Karanpatel567 he won BOSS rank!

Because there were so many top voters this month we decided to give VIP+ to 2nd and 3rd place, the winners are emeraldboy320 and Creeperfart

Social Plugin

Added a plugin that enables you to have a friendlist and an ignorelist if you don’t want to see chat from that player.

You can also teleport to your friends without having to request or accept it, be wise on who you add as a friend!

description: Ignore a player so that you cannot see them in chat or through PMs, or receive tpa or tpahere requests
usage: /ignore <player>
description: Unignore a previously ignored player
usage: /unignore <player>
description: Display a list of players you’ve ignored
usage: /ignorelist
description: Friend a player, letting them teleport to you without requesting first
usage: /friend <player>
description: Unfriend a player
usage: /unfriend <player>
description: Teleport to someone who has added you as a friend, without requesting first
usage: /tpfriend <player>
description: Display a list of players you’ve friended
usage: /friendlist
description: Block tpa and tpahere requests
usage: /blocktpa <player>
description: Unblock tpa and tpahere requests
usage: /unblocktpa <player>
description: List the players you are currently tpa blocking
usage: /blocktpalist

Let’s talk 2017

We’re planning a scheduled maintenance around/during Cuboss birthday on January 14th which will bring a lot of changes and hopefully you’ll love them!

Here’s a list of things planned to be added to the Factions server:

  • New Map for Factions with a smaller border
  • Kit’s are being re-worked, we’re buffing the weaker kits.
  • Added /repair to Boss and above
  • Added /sell
  • More rewards to new players (Guests), more vote incentives, Daily and Weekly kit to free players.
  • Custom enchantments which include Wither Aspect, Poison, Double Damage, Lifesteal and more.
  • AIRDROPS that drop valuable chests every XX minutes with weapons, armor, food and potions in the PVP Area
  • Introducing potions to the server and store

Here’s a list of things planned to be added to the Creative server:

  • Possible reset of plot world due to chunks not being properly generated in some places (Doesn’t mean you’ll lose your builds, we could have the current plot world as a “visiting only” world)
  • New cosmetics and particles
  • Fix the big plots world
  • Addition of a real hub to the server where you connect and from there choose to go to normal or big plots
  • /disguise command to ranks
  • Possible /nick command to ranks still needs testing

Here’s a list of things planned to be added to the Freedom server:

  • New map, still in the works no release date as of yet
  • Possibly change from Vanilla to Survival Economy type of server
  • Addition of an ingame store for players to buy items
  • Possible addition of land claims

Here’s a list of things planned to be added to the HUB server:

  • New map
  • Cosmetic menu with loads of fun utilities
  • Re-enabling the proxy to be able to transfer across servers with the NPC or command

Here’s a list of things planned to be added to the SERVER in general:

  • Three new Wing Types which include particle capes.
  • New server wide Particle system for ranks

We’re also planning on introducing a new KIT PVP server, stay tuned and follow on Twitter at @playcuboss

MCPE 1.0 Update

As you may know Minecraft Pocket Edition updates tend to be tedious to the server because we have to update all the server software by ourselves to catch up with Mojang changes.

We have updated the HUB, Creative and Freedom servers, you may now join them with the newest version but have in mind that there might be bugs and we’re working around the clock to patch them all.


Cuboss wishes you a Merry Christmas!

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