What to expect from update 1.2

In update 1.2 Mojang is forcing people to play the game with an XBOX LIVE account, this only means you need to create an xbox live account, it’s free and easy.
Make sure to create yours and register the name you use to play Cuboss.

Freedom Server Update

Freedom has been reset, we added a new map and new game features.

Here is some of the features that are already included in this update.

  • Claim Block:
    *Vote to get a claim block, place it down to claim a piece of land where you can build your base on, it will protect on a 25 block radius!
  • Battle kit (2 hours) and Build Kit (6 hours) – You need a rank to claim those (Any paid rank)
  • Very rare exploding arrows that will break protected land (SOON)
  • Valuable Loot that spawns in chests inside the protected structures around the map (SOON)
  • Random spawns across the map so you don’t get spawn camped
  • Invincibility buff on spawn for 20 seconds, goes away if player hits someone (SOON)
  • Server will WIPE every Friday from now on.

Join Freedom on pe.cuboss.net port 10000


As always when there is a big version update, things take time to update on our end.

Mojang does not support servers and we the server owners and the community have to code the update ourselves, so please bare with us and be patient, as always if you’re on android you can always downgrade your version and play on the server.


In the future to avoid this situation disable your MCPE from auto-updating.

Top Voter May 2017!

There was many top voters with 30+ votes this month, so we are gonna have 2 winners.

The first winner for Boss rank is Official_Meme

The second winner for VIP+ is Shadowhawk0047

Catchin’ up!

What’s been happening in Cuboss recently?

Creative plots were forced to reset due to an accident, now all plots are big plots and they’re cheap to acquire!

Nova ender pearls now work again and they have a 30 second cooldown timer.

SPRING SALE is over 🙁

Global titles BAE and DeezNuts have been added to our shop!

Donniko36O won a contest and is now HELPER on Cuboss.

nekimo12 and Slooply are the top voters of the month for April.