Cuboss 2 years Anniversary!


Cuboss is going to be TWO years old on January 14th with this we added a STORE WIDE discount of 45%  (ends January 20th) for you to go on a shopping spree and support your favorite server!

It’s been a blast to run this server for two whole years and I can’t thank you enough.


Top voter Dec. 2017

There was a lot of voters in December 2017 so we picked 3 winners!!!

EvilBloxBoss (Boss)

Manxjx (VIP+)

Naner21 (VIP+)

XMAS Giveaway HUGE

We are giving away 1 Boss+ 2 Boss and 4 VIP+ ranks for XMAS in our TWITTER.
Make sure to Like and Retweet the post to win, follow us if you’re not already!

Click the image below to go to the Twitter post.

Update 1.2.7 + Particles

All the servers are updated to the version 1.2.7.

We added new particles to the server, helixes, halos, twirls and other fun stuff! Do /particles or tap the NPC in spawn.

Now when you vote you get the Member rank which gives you access to more plots in Creative and extra particles!

For more exclusive particles visit our shop at

Top voters November 2017

Because there’s a lot of top voters this month we gave out 3 ranks!

#1 sweetcalf767411 – Boss

#2 FancyBluGirl – VIP+

#3 PhysicZ04 – VIP+

Congratulations to the winners!


The names were randomly selected from the list of top voters by a machine.



Nov. 30th – Dec. 28th


OMG It’s BLACK FRIDAY and we have the biggest SALE we’ve ever had! 70% OFF selection, it’s almost FREE!

This sale will end FRIDAY, hurry!

October 2017 TOP VOTERS

It’s halloween! So we decided that this month we will have 3 winners for top voter!

  1. I_am_Howaniceday REJECTED
  2. ByCabaYT Boss
  3. FancyBluGirl VIP+

The first place was rejected because the player got banned for using hacks in the server.