NEW SERVER: Cuboss Roleplay Survival

Hey! We just added a new server! Come check it out at port 19135 or just join through our HUB!

In Roleplay Survival you can claim land so nobody will grief your builds, use the auction house, pvp, there is no fall damage and Boss or above ranks can fly!

To claim land simply go to an empty area of the world and type /ca pos, then you type /ca claim and the land will be protected, you can add your friends to the area whitelist by typing /ca trust add <name>

New stuff on Cuboss

  • Added command /itemname to SUPREME, this command allows you to change item name and lore – PRIMO, CLASSIC, PRISON, SKYBLOCK, CREATIVE.
  • Added GODLIKE kit to Classic Factions.
  • Fixed Hoppers on SkyBlock.
  • Fixed Enchanted Books on Classic.
  • Buffed Epic Cuboxes on Classic.
  • Added Rainbow Armor to the Creative server – Only for Boss or above ranks.


Our Summer Sale will last throughout August you still have plenty of time to take advantage of the 50% discount! –>

New Addition: Auction House

We added Auction House to Prison, SkyBlock, Classic and Primo Factions.

To list or buy an item type /ah and a menu will popup.
To remove an item type /myoffers and select the item you want to remove from AH.
Doing /ah will show you everything that specific player is selling.


Cuboss servers are mostly all updated to 1.5 but we’re still catching up to all the bugs that surged with this update.

Cuboss Merchandise!

YES! Cuboss Merchandise is back on our shop!

Check all our stuff at

PRIMO Factions Reset

*** Primo Factions Reset May 23 2018 ***

  • Primo Factions was reset again due to the lack of interest and unbalance, I aimed at bringing stability and balance, will be closely listening to players and their opinions.
  • Kits, cuboxes and enchants were tweaked to serve that purpose.
  • CE is no longer purchasable with real world currency.
  • KOTH will remain disabled until rewards and start times are tweaked.

** Primo will host a competition like Classic.
At the end of the month of June the top Factions in each category will win $25 in Cuboss Shop credit to spend.


Added POT PVP at port 19121.

Simply join get your potted kit and jump straight into action.

Also added our old 1vs1 queue that we had on kitpvp, it’s not perfect but will do for now.

As always report any bug or missing features!